Woodworking | Kapani Adhesif



  • Hot-melt for woodworking
  • More than 16 types of adhesives that cover all applications for this industry
  • Line Kapaflex DM
  • Forveneer
  • Solid Wood
  • Pvc
  • Abs
  • Paper
  • Wrapping
  • Softforming

Technical data and applications (Hot­‐melts)

++ Good Performance / +++ Best Choice

Kapani SeriesBaseViscosity brookfield at 200°C P.a.s Needle 28 at 5rpmSoftening point °C Astm 3461-85Working temperatures °CHeat resistance ºC wps-68VeneerSolid woodPvcAbsPaperWrappingSoft forming
Kapaflex DM 48EVA33+/-­3112+/-­3200/22060/65++++++++++
Kapaflex D 59EVA28+/-­2100+/-­5200/220+++++
Kapaflex DM 1537EVA2,10+/-­ 0,579+/-­2170/200++++
Kapaflex DP 31EVA9+/-­‐283+/-­2180/210++++++
Kapaflex DM 33EVA84108+/-­5200/220++++++
Kapaflex DM 36EVA95119+/-­5220/230++++++
Kapaflex DM 39EVA2291+/-­5190/210++++++
Kapaflex DM 55EVA128+/-­2127+/-­2200/220++++++
Kapaflex DM 30EVA78110+/-­4200/220++++++++
Kapaflex DM 37EVA24 (at 150ºC)80+/-­2140/170+++++++
Kapaflex DM 40EVA45+/-­597+/-­2190/210++++++++
Kapaflex DM 70 PlusEVA50+/-­5145+/-­5190/220++
Kapaflex DM 80 PlusEVA160+/-­15132+/-­5190/220++++
Kapaflex DM 1235EVA63+/-­4105+/-­4180/200++++
Kapaflex DM 2100EVA39+/-­5143+/-­4190/210++++++
Kapaflex DM 2169EVA116+/-­5129+/-­4190/210++++++++