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About us


Founded in 1999, Kapani Adhesif  has over 35 years of experience in producing all ranges of  industrial hot melt adhesives and special waxes.

We operate from production sites in Spain and export globally.

We are essentially designers in the formulation of waxes and hot melt adhesives, customizing our products according to specific customer requests.

We are active in a large range of end user applications, especially in flexible packaging and tailor made products.

We are dedicated to continually serving the best interests of our shareholders, employees and customers, as well as our community.

KAPANI offers expertise in research, production technology and blending for hot melt adhesives and special waxes.

Our strengths

• We blend  hot-melt adhesives and wax products according to your needs.

• We actively provide cooperative input for your production and logistics processes.

• Above all we listen. To you, of course, but we also keep an ear open to new market developments.

In this regard we work in our own personal manner, with a set team of specialists, together seeking and blending the ideal product for you.